Tropical Drift


This is one of the best pieces of driftwood that I have collected.  It's size, shape and integrity are superb.  It took me 210 hours to complete.


I spotted it from boat while skimming a swampy Santee shore.  There it was; shrouded by cypress- I grabbed the binoculars, and realized what a gem it was!  Then, I spotted Them-- HUGE alligators surrounding it like guards.  The only way to retrieve this immaculate wonder was by exiting the pontoon boat's safety since the boat would not fit through the cypress tree barricade.  But, as I imagined all the possible things that I could paint on it, my courage reinforced.  In short, the retrieval of the piece was quite exhilarating as I journeyed to it and then drug it back to the boat amidst the monsters.