Pinnacle of an Area


An "Area" is the word I chose to describe an environment where components merge as if by design in harmony from the viewer's immediate perspective.


I'll give a real-life example:  One night on a balcony near Taw Caw River, during a very brief mind-bending experience, a nearby bull frog that had been silent up to that point suddenly ear-pearcingly purged itself.  At that exact moment, I looked up to the clear night sky and caught the tiny gleam of an orbiting satellite.  In unison, it's path crossed directly in front of a star.  But not only that- when it did, it caught the full reflection of the sun and twinkled brighter than the star itself just as it eclipsed it.

Maybe areas are little punctures into our realm which offer insight without decipher but also a reminder that there's more.

In this piece, one bird flies in the opposite direction of the flock, and the lone balloon gains company through its reflections locked within abstract clouds.