Wade Edwards learned to frame at age 16 in order to save money framing his own artwork.  He's managed three picture frame shops and was Vice President of a large outside operation while also conducting his own S-Corp.  Nowadays, his sole focus is on his own customers using only his picture framing company to serve their needs both large and small.

Wade Edwards customizes with high quality and affordability.

All of your pieces including large ones, cross stitch, botanicals, and delicate ones with sentimental value are in good hands.



Large Dry-Mounted Print

Shadow-Boxed 4" Grecian Silver  Wood Frame

Archival Materials, Fancy Hand-Cut Tripple Mat

Outer Mat Fully Hand-Painted by Wade Edwards

4'10"X 3'7" (approx. 5 X 4.5 feet): $420

Hand Painted/Crafted Frame on a "Window World"

These two images are of the same piece.

Framed "Window Worlds"

Same pieces front & back

Diamond-hung "Window World"

These two images are of  the same piece.

Framed Botanicals

These are real plants and flowers of many species which are collected, preserved, and hand-pressed then shadow-box-framed using archival museum-quality materials.  Their Latin and common names are calligraphied beneath each piece.  These are examples with their frames cropped.  Mouldings such as natural walnut, black, and Italian gold or silver are available.



Mexican Sage

Royal Fern

Pitcher Plants

Fragrant Water Lilly


Yellow Foxtail

Sea Holly

Resurrection Fern


Zebra grass

Botanical sizes can be customized, but some  require certain specifications.  Grasses, for example, usually require a height of 40 inches although their width can vary.

Preserve & Display Your Treasures

Add customized engraved plaques and a fine background such as this suede mat.


Fillets are mini frames that fit precisely within the picture as an added boarder around the image. This one has a wood gold fillet cut to fit an octagon suede matting.

Examples of hand-cut multiple openings

Oversize Items

Frame & preserve your LARGER keepsakes such as this 6X5 foot knitted quilt!