"Our Choice"

Portrait of an Unsung Hero

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Clarendon County, SC is home to one outstanding lady.  This portrait of her was presented to Ms. Dorothy Choice on stage and in person by her nominee Mr. Jeff Black and the artist Wade Edwards during the 45TH Annual South Carolina Rural Summit in Columbia.  During his interviews with Ms. Choice, Wade found her to be a "spiritual lady of grace and wisdom."


Her quest established a foundation for the Briggs v. Elliott desegregation case which perpetuated the famous Brown v. Board of Education in 1953.  This lawsuit changed American history and can be traced back to Ms. Dorothy Choice of Summerton, South Carolina.


The Clarendon County NAACP has long partnered with Ms. Choice to promote uplifting programs for the children of Clarendon County.  Her efforts with Summerton's Wausau Community Park received national recognition after ESPN featured her program of teaching children how to play baseball.  She has worked with community leaders to ensure that children have Christmas gifts and has supported the Cypress Foundation of former Clarendon Memorial Hospital in Manning for 16 years.  She is also a member of the Summerton Beautification Project which involves trash cleanup and tree planting.


"Our Choice" is a testament to this unsung hero's lifelong commitment to helping others and preserving Clarendon County's rich history.