Jiffy Land's Ecotone

This is an elemental piece connecting a symphony of concepts to other works and a perspective of life.

     "Jiffy Land's Ecotone" is half concept and half image.  It's actually half of many things integral to shaping the whole.  The thread count of the fabric.  A view between the lines.  Though it's like grasping mist, it is available to all.         

     When looking at the big picture, some areas seem gray from a distance, but really it's all black and white.  At first glance, it appears perfectly symmetrical.  But, (except for tracing the circles with a compass), I drew it all freehand.  When you explore both sides, you'll discover an imperfect reflection of each revealing an organic nature at its small scale-- which intertwines with a mechanical one at its large scale.  This piece represents a place where things mingle within the beginning and the end and so exist.


     A wide spectrum of complex mathematical theories create what is known as quantum mechanics.  In quantum mechanics, there is proposed the concept of a "jiffy" which is a slang word for a hard-to-pronounce scientific term.  Jiffy: the smallest unit of time which is still physically relevant.


     A jiffy is measured using light, which many agree travel a speed of 186,300 miles/second.  In one jiffy, light travels a mere 10^20 times smaller the distance across an atomic nucleus (meaning 1 with 20 zeros, a huge number called a sextillion).  The nucleus is only a tiny fraction of the atom to begin with.  So, a jiffy is an incredibly brief unit of time in quantum mechanics.  Scientists nicknamed the tiny distance that light travels in a jiffy "jiffy land."


     Within this tiny distance, the material realm is purported to separate.  It becomes like a sponge of physical energy with its holes representing non-existence.  Think of the sponge representing the part of our existence that we engage through our five senses.  And the holes... well, we engage them too.  The entire sponge along with its holes create us and the realm in which we live.


     Any faster than a jiffy, and there's no guarantee that the distance light travels will include sponge.  Any faster, and the distance that light travels may not include any sponge but land only in one of the holes (the unknown).  But, a jiffy is said to last just long enough to ensure that sponge is included within the distance that light travels.  All this is an allegory to grasping the "mist"-- the area where sponge and hole meet.  This is where the ecotone is.


     An ecotone is a transitional environment that links two larger ones together.  Imagine a forest and a field, or a beach and an ocean.  The larger environments on either side of their ecotones consist of certain types of plants and animals.  They may have some things in common but not others.  A good example is a deep-sea hydrothermal chimney vent where an ecotone of life resides within inches of extreme heat on one side and extreme cold on the other.  The place where the two main environments meet creates a small transition where sea creatures flourish.  An area sandwiched between controversies.  It's black and white yet neither.  Some elements cancel out while others thrive thus conceiving LIFE.


     Concerning Jiffy Land, its ecotone occurs on the very edge of sponge and hole.  Neither sponge nor hole yet both. One thing for me that this concept represents is that it was as far as I could go seeking God and still make it back. I found God to be the Ultimate Ecotone. When creating this piece, everything about it developed simultaneously-- the image, the title, the concept and the experience as if it had no beginning.

A Final Note...

"Flames that Quench"

While experimenting one day taking pictures in different lighting and such, I snapped this shot with "Jiffy Land's Ecotone" projected onto me, so I call it "Flames that Quench."   May you be blessed with a similar essence projected onto the chapters of your life!