Collide Scopes


This depicts the fresh idling doldrums of "Jiffy Lands' Ecotone" where strict black & white blast into glassy fluid energy of color without warning.

This bursting form is a result of cosmic stalemate frequencies involving two equally powerful entities.  One is depicted at the upper half of this piece, and the other is at the lower as its upside down counterpart.  Their "heads" touch the top and bottom borders each with a "chest" and "elbows" resting on either side of themselves.  Each has "hands" that merge together at the edge of their center source as they attempt to form a finished face. Each is striving to form a forehead and a chin for a new being that they would welcome into existence. They both contend the other's intention of creating either a forehead or a chin for the new being they struggle to form. "I need this to be a forehead. No, I need it for a chin."  Each endeavors to complete its own design. But, no matter what they do, attempts are perfectly mirrored.  A resulting collision spawns a new frequency of massive energy.  Neither can stake any claim from the other, and so, they become one, bonded together in an everlasting new Siamese creation. Turns out, they were never creating a new being.  It  was their purpose all along to grasp the revelation that THEY are the ONE being welcomed into existence.