Examples of three dimensional works

"Jiffy Land Sponge"


Mixed Media Sculpture:

One Piece, Many Facets 

Inside and out, it glows in the dark and fluoresces with black light.

101 holes allow glimpses of an illuminated world inside with inner lights ON and glow with lights OFF.

Can be hung on wall or displayed on a surface- 36X13X6: $8,800


This piece renders dramatic effects that can vary greatly

Jiffy Land Sponge 6
Jiffy Land Sponge 5
Jiffy Land Sponge 3
Jiffy Land Sponge 2
Jiffy Land Sponge 1
Jiffy Land Sponge 4

Magnetic Interchangeable Driftwood

    Shown here are sold commissions      that I can produce nearly identical ones of.

This painted driftwood is fun to mix and match for any mood, occasion or decor.

Pieces can be switched out onto various surfaces such as circa 1880s Vintage Barnwood.

Below are some pieces that demonstrate how they work:


All display a "floating" effect.

Driftwood pieces connected to board

Driftwood pieces and board separated

One original hand-painted driftwood piece includes a surface for it to mount on such as Vintage Barnwood, an antique saw, larger driftwood, etc. for $230.  Choose or commission additional interchangeable pieces for an average price of $75.


Below, are non-commissioned works currently available to mix and match. See  IN STOCK.

Not all, but most of the remaining images are sold commissions. These offer examples of the many types of things that Wade will create for you.  Please include the green item numbers shown above anything that interests you when you CONTACT Wade Edwards to request a commission.

Painted Saws

Any rust is chemically removed before being primed with an automotive primer, hand-painted and coated with a protective sealant.  These saws were provided by the customer.

Two-man saw depicting farm scene and river with a detail below- $365


Two-man saw depicting an old water mill, country road, and wildlife- $435


One-man saw depicting tobacco farm scene- $310


Country road with barn & pond- $285


Unique Lamps

These lamps and their stands are hand-made and designed using durable glass paint.  

Outlines between their colors often consist of raised dimensional paint which glows in the dark.

Glass with all lines that glow in dark- $385 L1

Top View

Glass with glow lines- $385 L2

Top View

Unique Basket-Ball-Sized Glass Lamp

20 Glowing Windows,  Hand-Made-from-Scratch Mechanical System Enables Rotation, Hidden Light Source.

A Remote Control Operates Light Intensity and Rotation Speed. NFS


"Organic Lamp"


This unique piece consists of hemp twine, Batik painted fabric, recycled material, and a stand that was once the taproot of a complex root system on a rocky hill.  The opening near the top is a natural formation caused by growth around one of the many rocks.


L3 sold

15X20X4: Discretely plugs into wall- sold

The lamp as well as it's crown are removable.

Lamps of Salvaged Recyclables

These lamps are often made using plastic bottles, fabric, or other mixed media.  Some allow for interchangeable shades priced at $65 each.   

At $85, plug-in stand and bulb are included.

       L4                              L5

           L6                                    L7

       L8                                 L9

This is the same lamp.

off         L10           on

          L11                             L12

       L13                                   L14





Hand-Crafted/Painted Boxes

Would you like a one-of-a-kind decorative container?  Describe it in CONTACT.

Here are some examples:

Top view with lid removed.  Even the

inside of them are uniquely designed.


Commissions for boxes such as these average $300.


This one has a glass window top.



Anything that you can conceive is fair game for your commission!  Here are other ideas. 

Antique Glass Bottles with Batik hand-painted fabric and hemp twine

Various mixed media bottles

Here's how they look when light shines through them.



This is a good example of a mural I did a while back because it includes a variety of example from cartoonish to strict lines and lettering.

When painting this one, I gave the lattice the illusion of continuing straight across even though the walls are angled.

Notice illusion of

straight lattice 


Example of free-standing tri-fold art

Painted Bird Houses


Oil-Painted Ostrich Eggs

These are eggs that didn't hatch.  Insides emptied and sterilized through a drilled hole which is sealed with ceramic. These things are tough!  Once, a child tossed one onto a cement parking lot, and it incurred no damage!

One painted egg & wooden stand- $350 (when available)